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I am Mohammed Magdy; The founder & CEO of howtobeamarketer.com.

I am the one who wrote more than 200 marketing articles at howtobeamarketer.com, and conducted hundreds of audios and videos and made them all available for you for FREE.

Also, I am the one who created all of the products and services at howtobeamarketer.com.

I wrote three e-books, interviewed 39 Top Marketing Gurus around the World and revealed the secrets behind their successes in a program that’s called Marketing Gurus’ Secrets Program. charteredmarketer2010_colourClick here to check my Products.

Also I am The  1st Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach in the Middle East, and one of the youngest Chartered Marketers in the World - awarded by Chartered Institute of Marketing at 2010 till present.

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Here are some quick facts about me:


1.If you typed in www.google.com just: Mohammed Marketer, you will find my name in the five times in the top 10 Results. I have been ranked no.1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 for more than ONE YEAR (since Jan 2011 till present).




2.If you typed in www.google.com just: Mohammed Chartered Marketer, my name ranked as no.1, 2, 4, 5, and 7 from the Top 10 Results.




3.If you typed in www.google.com just: Mohammed Guerrilla, my name ranked no.1 from the top 10 Results.




4.If you typed in www.google.com just: Mohammed Guerrilla Marketer, my name appears in 1st three results.




5.If you typed www.google.com just: The 1st Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach in the Middle East, My name appears in 1st Result.




I am a holder of the following qualifications & Certifications:


> Professional Diploma in Marketing by Chartered Institute of Marketing – accredited by Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).




 > Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification Program – accredited by Mitch Meyerson.


 > Cambridge International Diploma for Trainers and Teachers (CIDTT) – accredited by Cambridge University.



> N.L.P. Diploma and Practitioner Certifications: Neuro Linguistic Programming from American Board of N.L.P, 2006.



 > Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences By: Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University.


After you reviewed my qualifications, you can understand that mix of Marketing, Training, and Psychology helped me to understand the consumer psychology when it comes to creating new products or coaching clients.


Click here to view my certificates. 

> Marketing Research Skills (as Voluntary activities): npdu

I was The Founder and President of Nuclear Pharmacy Developers Union  in Egypt in 2008-2009; Led team of 30 member who conducted a quantitative marketing research over 2000 Pharmacies to cover 2000 Pharmacists, and 20 Nuclear Medicine Units in Egypt to understand the industry requirements and match both needs in order to establish this pharmaceutical career in Egypt.

 > Training and Talent Development Skills (as Voluntary activities):

Training and development for more than 1500 Pharmacy Student and Graduate in Marketing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Selling Skills, Presentation Skills, Speed Reading, Mind Mapping, Stress Management, Self Confidence, Critical Thinking and The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People for Pharmacy Students’ Organization as N.P.D.U.(Nuclear Pharmacy Developers Union), M.S.S.A. (Medical Science Students Academy), C.S.P.S.A (Cairo Scientific Pharmaceutical Students’ Association), K.S.C. (karnak Scientific Club Organization), C.P.T.A. (Community Pharmacy Training Academy), Egypt Youth Organization, S.C.O.P.S (Students Conference of Pharmaceutical Studies).

 > Leadership and Management Skills (as Voluntary activities):

>> Led a team of 120 member in Nuclear Pharmacy Developers Union, and rebuilt the team from scratch four times; including recruitment and selection of members and leaders, training and development, performance assessment of employees, building key strategic plans for upcoming activities with ROI for each activity, published magazine, organized several meeting between Atomic Energy Authority and key decision makers in some Pharmaceutical Companies, led the team to conduct a seminar about Nuclear Pharmacy that gather 400 Pharmacy Students and Graduates, led the leaders to conduct a marketing research on 2000 Pharmacy in Egypt and 20 Nuclear Medicine Units. Was the main speaker and the founder of P.R.I.S.M. Training Model; Passion Results in a Self Motivation.

Check this link: http://www.howtobeamarketer.com/videos/viewcategory/16/prism-conference-model


>> My team in Nuclear Pharmacy Developers Union has been selected by World Health Organization in Cairo to be the main Organizing Committee of W.H.O. World Youth Day in July 2007.


>> Led other three pharmacy students’ organizations to play different roles and responsibilities; from HR, Training and Development, to Marketing. These activities helped the pharmacy students’ and graduates in developing their soft skills to become more competitive in the Pharmaceutical Market Place.


Memberships and Professional Development:    

> Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM): my membership level is MCIM.  

> Chartered Institute of Medical Marketing Group (CIMM).   

> Completed 35 hours of professional marketing development (CPD) each year for four years since 2008 till present.


Personal Interests:

I was a professional table tennis player from 1999 to 2002. I love playing table tennis, it’s my favorite hobby.  I love watching movies; mix of fancy, action, and mystery movies are my favorites.  I love meeting new people, having new friends and connecting with different mindsets from different cultures across the globe.





About howtobeamarketer.com:

1. Till March 2011, this website got 100,000 visitors from Egypt, United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam. 100,000 pages have been viewed by visitors, with average spending time 4 min on the website.

2.If you typed www.google.com just: howtobeamarketer.com, more than 9,000 results appear for other websites that refer to benefits and products of howtobeamarketer.com



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