Thanks for describing the work that you do. Obviously it is
contributing to the education of marketers. And better
marketers means better goods and services and a higher
standard of living.
Posted By: Philip Kotler

Occupation:  S. C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International
Marketing at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Location:  Greater Chicago Area

Website:  www.kotlermarketing.com/

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=11435675&authType=name&authToken=5uWk
Without qualification, I can recommend Mohammed Magdy for
any position involved with marketing. His passion is
marketing and it shows up vividly in his personality and
accomplishments. I'm proud that he is a guerrilla
Posted By: Jay Conrad Levinson

Occupation:  The Father of Guerrilla Marketing,
Founder & CEO of Guerrilla Marketing International,
and The author of "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books;
The best known marketing brand in history.

Location:  USA

Website:  www.gmarketing.com/

Facebook Account:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=662742672

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/guerrillamarketing
Few marketing people have the vision, enthusiasm and
knowledge of Mohammed Magdy. I highly recommend his
Marketing Guru series.
Posted By: Al Ries

Occupation:  CEO of Ries & Ries Consulting Firm &
The Co-originator of Positioning.

Location:  2195 River Cliff Drive Roswell, GA 30076 - United States.

Website:  www.ries.com

Facebook Account:  https://www.facebook.com/alriesofficial

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/al-ries/4/798/b98
Mohammed is a very impressive young man. I think he could
sell ice to Eskimos.

He started from nothing, and managed to convince a lot of
busy people to participate in his Gurus series. The outcome
is really amazing and a great resource for all of us.
Mohammed is to be commended for having the vision to pull
all of this together!
Posted By: Michael Solomon

Occupation:  Professor of Marketing and Director, Center for Consumer Research

Location:  United States

Website:  www.sju.edu/academics/hsb/marketing/faculty/msolomon.html

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=10568278&trk=tab_pro
The “Marketing Gurus' Secrets Program” is a unique
initiative that saves young marketers reading ten marketing
books! It is a “knowledge capsule” that has been made
easily available for all young people who wish to join and
achieve a successful career in marketing. This unique
approach allows ambitious young people to explore and
benefit from the practical experiences of successful
marketers. It gives those young ambitious people some
insight to follow successful experiences of marketers and at
the same time guides them to avoid the mistakes of those

Dr. Mohamed Magdy’s work is a good example of what young
people can do for young people. It’s not only knowledge,
skills and experience that count; but It’s also
initiative, hard work and sincere urge to achieve. I must
thank Dr. Magdy for allowing me this opportunity to share my
humble experience with those actual and potential marketers.
I should also thank him for his unique initiative, great
efforts and hard work to make this program available and
Posted By: Hany Soliman

Occupation:  Owner and Chairman Of Leadership Development Group.

Ex. Regional Marketing Manager and Strategic Planning Director at Pfizer Middle East.

Location:  CAIRO, EGYPT

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/?ref=hp#!/hany.soliman1

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=81339798&authType=name&authToken=EWaE
Mohamed Magdy has put together an incredible resource for
marketers at large or small organizations around the world.
I am proud to be associated with How to be a Marketer.
Posted By: Bob Gilbreath

Occupation:  Investor, Advisor, Speaker, Consultant

Location:  Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Website:  www.mvctest.com

LinkedIn Account:  http://linkedin.com/in/bobgilbreath
Mohammed Magdy has pulled together a wealth of information
that will help you quickly learn how to become a effective
marketer. I encourage you to learn everything you can from
Mr Magdy, he's a true Guerrilla marketer!
Posted By: Chris Forbes

Occupation:  Coach and Consultant at Chris Forbes Nonprofit Marketing, Co-author
of Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits

Location:  USA

Website:  www.chrisforbes.org

Facebook Account:  https://www.facebook.com/cforbes

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisforbesoklahoma
Mohammed has incredible initiative and very strong marketing
insights. He is able to lead a project and make things
happen. He would be an asset to any marketing organization.
Posted By: Tim Calkins

Occupation:  Clinical Professor of Marketing at Kellogg School of Management

Location:  USA

Website:  www.timcalkins.com/

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/tim-calkins/0/466/90
One of the classes I was teaching in the Middle East;
specifically in Saudi Arabia from 10 days ago, and it came
to my mind now to share something with your audience about
Word Of Mouth…

As I explained in the interview; in the Word Of Mouth, you
need to have the initiative to the fill the gap, and having
very good product and definitely the people would speak
about your product in the “Reinforcement Strategy”...

And I found myself talking to the Sales Directors in the
company that I was training them; about your Initiative,
your website, and how you did something that no one else did
it before, and you filled the gap, that’s no one else have
done before, and I think your initiative really touchy,
inspiring, and it would be a success when you launch your
Gurus Series in the mid of 2011.
Posted By: Amr Elfass

Occupation:  The CEO at ZAD Group, Vice President of Innovara Middle east, and
Teacher at ESLSCA Business School

Location:  EGYPT

Website:  www.amrelfass.com

Facebook Account:  https://www.facebook.com/amr.fass

LinkedIn Account:  http://eg.linkedin.com/in/amrfass
What a wonderful job and you did it so efficiently!

Magdy is a true professional, listen carefully to what he
says on his website, then think about how you can best apply
his seasoned advice and experienced counsel to your own
promotional materials and Marketing plan.

I had a chance to watch your videos, after watching them
admiring you for your brilliance as a Marketing mind!

Thank you so much, you did a great work and I couldn't be
more pleased to find such a great source for many Marketing

Read the Marketing plan and loved it! so many excellent
examples and suggestions.

You have such a gift of ability to pack the complex topics
into a couple of simple paragraphs!

Keep going Magdy! , I am proud of you and so pleased to
have a friend like you .

God bless you always.
Posted By: Ehab Abdu

Occupation:  Business Development Manager at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

Location:  Jeddah-KSA

Website:  www.howdidimeetyou.com

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/ehababdu
M. Magdy,

For the first time to see someone with that level of
dedication, power and towards marketing, and such initiative
of HTBM web, is a fantastic initiative which will benefit

Mohamed you deserve all the best future, I hope to see you
soon as one of the marketers in pharmaceutical.

Posted By: Alaa Nafady

Occupation:  Senior Product Manager at Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Location:  Saudi Arabia
Mohammed Magdy Ahmed's "How to be a Marketer"
is an amazing resource. I have received such positive
response from those who have listened to his interview with
me on the topic of branding, and I am so pleased to be part
of of the impressive roster of marketing gurus that only he
could assemble. What a rich resource for anyone seeking
marketing inspiration and success!
Posted By: Barbara Findlay Schenck

Occupation:  Marketing, Branding, and
Business Planning Advocate,
Author, and Strategist

Location:  Portland, Oregon, USA

About:  Author of Small Business Marketing for Dummies and Selling Your Business for Dummies, Co-Author of Branding for Dummies and Business Plans Kit for Dummies, Marketing Expert for MSN's small business online channel, BusinessonMain.com

Website:  www.bizstrong.com

Facebook Account:  www.facebook.com/bizstrong

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/barbarafindlayschenck
I follow Mohammed on Facebook…
He has passion, energy, fantastic advice and above all,
Posted By: Amy Levinson

Occupation:  Vice President, Guerrilla Marketing International

Location:  USA

Website:  www.gmarketing.com

Facebook Account:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=518073285

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/amy-levinson/3/a1b/b03
It is my pleasure to recommend Mohammed Magdy. As a part of
his brilliant marketing gurus series I was able to
experience his energy, passion and marketing savvy first
hand. He has put together a series every entrepreneur should
experience. Mohammed is one of a kind and a true Guerrilla
Posted By: Mitch Meyerson

Occupation:  The Founder of The Guerrilla Marketing Coaching Program and author
of 9 books

Location:  USA

Website:  www.gmarketingcoach.com/

Facebook Account:  https://www.facebook.com/mitch.meyerson

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/mitchmeyerson
Mohammad Magdy is an extraordinary marketer, he possesses a
unique blend of talent, passion and will; my experience with
Mohammad reflected more trust to my intution; so I believe
that. Mohammad Magdy will be one of the big names in the
world of marketing within the coming few years.. It is my
proud to say: Mohammad Magdy made to me a mind print from
the first look; God bless his doings.
Posted By: Dr. Mohammad Refaat

Ex. COO (Chief Operating Officer) at Delta Pharmaceuticals.

Location:  Egypt

Website:  www.mind4pharma.com/

Facebook Account:  https://www.facebook.com/mrefaatk

LinkedIn Account:  https://www.linkedin.com/pub/mohammad-refaat-phd/17/8a3/b3/
Mohammed Magdy is highly promising caliber I can describe
him in one word Dedicated to any task or goal he knows what
is needed and he set actions to reach no matter the
challenges in there.

I met Mohamed on March 2009, actually I was one of the
assessment committee in his interview.

this space is too small for me to write a testimonial for
a person like Mohamed, he is smart I personally find it a
bit common and shoddy way of filling those 1024 characters

but i can take him to flash back when he worked with me
and how we started analyzing people behavior in work and
country ??? to reach a solution where our team and unit can
practice a healthy and productive work environment.

I thought a guy like him must b full of attitude but it
didn't took me long to realize that how wrong I was. I came
to know that I was quite lucky to have a friend like him.

wish you all the best in your future and what ever needed
to support that future I am here....take care Mohamed.

Occupation:  Marketing Manager at FPI (Future Pharmaceutical Industry) Company.

Location:  CAIRO, EGYPT
I had no chance to have a direct contact for long with
Mohammed, but however when I have been invited by him to his
business portal, I loved the way he is getting exposed, a
lot of effort excreted thoughts to produce such and
added-value and knowledge-share community portal.

We need such type of collaborative efforts to promote our
finger-print of the MENA region to the global minds.

Mohammed, I am proud, there is such type of passionated
persons like yourself, please keep up the good work.
Posted By: Dr. Ahmed Saber, PhD

Occupation:  Innovative Marketing Consultant

Location:  CAIRO, EGYPT

Website:  www.ahmedsaber.com

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=10971027&trk=tab_pro
Mohamed, your passion speaks out loudly. I believe
you're up to something big in the Marketing industry. I
wish you more success.
Posted By: M. A. Tohami

Occupation:  Bestselling author and Motivational Speaker

Website:  www.TransformationalMotivation.com
Magdy is a visionary person who makes things happens.
Achievements are his PASSION. He is different and will make
difference on whatever job or responsibility he is handling.
I believe that someday he will be known as a marketing

“HOW TO BE A MARKETER website” is a booming
educational gate on marketing that a marketer should
dedicate at least 10 min daily for its browsing. Great and
beneficial work as it is, will contribute in equipping a
marketer to be SUCCESSFUL...

Can’t wait for your next surprise, Magdy, Keep up the
great work…
Posted By: Doaa Aboel Enein

Occupation:  Product Manager at SKINCODE Switzerland Co.

Location:  EGYPT

Website:  www.skincode.com
Mohamed has been doing a great job by providing us as
marketers with right marketing directions. His website helps
a lot in reminding and guiding me how to start and handle my
marketing task in the right manner. Way to go and keep up
the great work.
Posted By: Maysa Ismail

Occupation:  Marketing Category Manager at Isis organic food- Sekem group

Location:  CAIRO, EGYPT
Simply it's a spectacular work that you did , the website is
very informative , simple , easy for surfing and effective.I
think that it will impact greatly on developing more
marketeers and attracting more people to this kind of

Moreover , the website helps you finding all required data
concerning planning for better customer satisfaction ,
anticipating future upcoming needs and adaptability that
products should have.

At last , thanks Mohamed for such a successful marketing
gate and wishing you more & more...
Posted By: Kareem Samir Abdel-rahman

Occupation:  Brand Manager - KFC Brand at Americana - Qatar branch - Restaurants

Location:  Qatar

Website:  www.americana-group.net

LinkedIn Account:  http://eg.linkedin.com/pub/kareem-salem/20/2aa/962
Dr. M. Magdy , the fresh young man with the Everest high
enthusiasm, he proves every single day that he has the tools
of command to shape his enthusiasm.

Persistence, Knowledge, and a very good acceptance can
make this young man an icon in a very short time.

Mohammad is living his life as it is - as I know - he is
simple, polite man.

It is great job what you are doing, and marvelous effort
is waiting for you.

Well done Mohammad. may God guide you the right way all
the time.
Posted By: Mohammad Hammad

Occupation:  Product Manager at Riyadh Pharma

Location:  Saudi Arabia
Mohammad is really a very talented guy. I asked for his help
when i was applying for a marketing position at MSD (Merck
Sharp & Dohme). he helped me a lot. His website is more than
great, it was my only reference when preparing myself to
apply to different jobs.
Thanks a lot Mohamad!!!
Posted By: Nada NEHME

Occupation:  Business Unit Manager at Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacist.

Location:  Beirut - Lebanon
Dear Mohammad, by your project you materialized what the
legendary & great boxer Mohammad Ali when
said..."who is not courageous enough to take risks will
accomplish nothing in life"

& upon your request to say a statement for your
marketer visitors, the honor 'll be mine if my words
'll add for your project....Jack Welch said {A great
practitioner & an insightful theorist join forces to
write a compelling business story of “how to get things
done", so execution is the key word for seeing results
after plan & nothing else generates money.

Marketing plan's value is not a mirror for how much
it is sophisticated, simple plan with optimum & feasible
implementation & execution is much more worthy than a
novel creative sophisticated but not executed one! Think
simple but act creative!

God bless your steps;
Dr. Ahmad Abdulhai
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
Egypt Product Manager
28th of Feb. 2012
Posted By: Dr. Ahmad Abdulhai

Occupation:  Egypt Product Manager - Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

Location:  Cairo, Egypt

Facebook Account:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000065718886
Leave a Legacy.

that's simply what can describe Mohamed's effort
in this marvelous portal, when he told me about his amazing
idea of making a great portal for future marketers, I wished
God bless him as it's very difficult, but after
launching this great portal, I'm really surprised, as I
found in it marketing articles in very simple way, even
videos is presented in very professional way (as Mohamed is
great presenter).

Few words can't describe this site, I advice
professional marketers or who want to be marketers to always
visit this site, as I really found in it more than i studied
in my MBA..

So, Thank you Mohamed and wish you more and more
successful projects.

Ayman Amin
Posted By: Ayman Amin

Occupation:  Product Manager at Celia Nutrition infantile - Le Groupe Lactalis

Location:  Cairo, Egypt

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/Dr.AyMooN

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/profile/edit?id=58679749&trk=hb_tab_pro_top
I couldn't wait until you launched this website, and
when you did, I couldn't believe how it exceeded my

You know, I always thought that you were my Guru in
Marketing, because not only are you an expert in the field
and have this ample knowledge connecting everything
together, but you also explain so well and so simplified for
me to really understand.

You make sure everything is professional and can't
believe all this information and hard work is for free.

Truly, I wish you all the success in the world, you really
deserve it.
Posted By: Reem Ismail

Occupation:  Personal Development Trainer and Life Coach

Website:  www.youtube.com/PDReema
I have known Mohammed for a while and have seen him at work.
He is a very passionate, active, and honest young man. He
always amazes me with his level of energy and creativity. He
knows his stuff very well and is always investing heavily in
his education. He is truely an inspirtation for people
around him. I would recommend his work wholeheartedly. On
the personal level, he is also a very amiable character. He
is ready to bend over backwards to help and support others.
I see a very bright future waiting him and have no doubts he
will become a world-class professional in his field of work.
Posted By: Wessam Mohie

Occupation:  Professional Trainer, Business Coach and Speaker

Location:  UAE, Dubai

About:  Founder and President of Forefront Coaching & Training

Website:  www.itsrainingclients.com/

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=22234521&locale=en_US&trk=tab_pro

Great job in putting the interviews together. You have a
great marketing concept and the site can offer some great
value that you can only get through personal interviews.
Posted By: Guy Powell

Occupation:  President, Author, Marketing Calculator at DemandROMI

Location:  Atlanta

About:  I'm me. If I were someone else, I wouldn't be me

Website:  www.Marketing-Calculator.com

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Marketing-Calculator/151916788167803

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=210343&authType=name&authToken=UwFH
howtobeamarketer website offers a brilliant marketing videos
and articles in a very professional and friendly way.

Magdy, Keep going on and I am sure this website will be
the bible for many marketers around the world.

Kindest regards,
Posted By: Firas wehbe

Occupation:  Marketing Manager at Saudi Electronic Trading Company (SETRA)

Location:  Saudi Arabia

Website:  www.setra.com.sa/

Facebook Account:  https://www.facebook.com/firaswhbe

LinkedIn Account:  http://sa.linkedin.com/pub/firas-wehbe/40/a22/b35
From my deep bottom heart I would like to thank you for your
help. I have been promoted to Assistant Product Manager in
Jamjoom Pharma.

Thanks to u, Thanks to howtobeamarketer.com and I would
like to extend my thanks to my friend sherief hamdy afify
(Assistant Product Manager in Tabuk Pharmaceuticals) for
helping me & guiding me to your website.

You are my best model in marketing. I know it's only
the start to me but i will still following you,
Wishing for you all the best, may Allah let u achieve more
than you want & I wish I could meets u one day.

Ayman Nabil"
Posted By: Ayman Nabil

Occupation:  Assistant Product Manager at Jamjoom Pharmaceuticals.

Location:  Saudi Arabia

Facebook Account:  https://www.facebook.com/aymania
Magdy is a creative, passionate and eager person to excel.
If you add to this positive thinking, humor and
adaptability, then the image of the man is complete. Dealing
and working with Magdy has always been enjoyable on the
business and personal level.
Posted By: Sherif Al-Attar

Occupation:  Management Consultant and Trainer
(Ex. Regional Training Manager Of XEROX)

Location:  CAIRO, EGYPT
Your site is just brilliant and your articles are so deep,
keep it up Magdy :))))
Posted By: M.Farouk Radwak

Occupation:  Founder of 2knowmyself.com, Entrepreneur, and a Dot Com Millionaire


Website:  www.2knowmyself.com

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/m.farouk.radwan
Every single word written here is firing with Passion and

And every conducted video carries storms of energy,
knowledge and the brilliant art of illustrating such
complex, rich science in a very spectacular, mind-conquering

And every single added touch on this website speaks
professionalism, uniqueness and trustworthy!!

Although I'm not currently working in marketing
field, but I'm using howtobeamarketer.com as my FIRST
and ONLY reference for all marketing knowledge I whenever
need to learn. And it's my guide through my way in
building my career forward to excellence!!

And the surprising fact is that I've been working for
2 years as a Marketing Specialist.. but actually, when I
read articles and watch videos on this website, I feel like
it's the FIRST TIME EVER to learn Marketing!!!

You have taught future marketers how to be professional,
persistent and UNIQUE!

And you have been, and always you are, the INSPIRING Light
that leads me to the right path, both on the professional
and the personal level.

howtobeamarketer.com is the cornerstone in Marketing
knowledge... Make the full use of every tiny detail written
and illustrated on this website to get inspired and be the
next Marketing GURU!!
Posted By: Eman Helmy Mohammed

Occupation:  Medical Representative at Pfizer Nutrition

Location:  Saudi Arabia

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150097235881075&set=a.10150094856966075.308306.744756074#!/eman.helmy

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=96189006&trk=tab_pro
A very useful website for non-marketers to gain academic and
practical knowledge. Good effort of a good trainer.
Posted By: Sherif Arafa

Occupation:  Cartoonist, Author and Motivational Speaker

Location:  Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Website:  www.drsherif.net/

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/?ref=hp#!/profile.php?id=513579111&sk=wall
The first time I met Mohamed was around 6 years ago, and
since then I realized that this gentleman will lead a very
successful future full of innovative and creative ideas to
be implemented...And here I am today seeing one of the most
powerful, friendly, professional, and great websites that
could help anyone acquire powerful knowledge in the
marketing field which is considered a golden key in any
field...You always need marketing throughout your life,
marketing yourself, your ideas,...etc...

I feel that (howtobeamarketer.com) is and will continue
being a very useful source for anyone who wish to be a

Way to go Mohamed, and wishing you all the best
Posted By: Reem Al Olaby

Occupation:  Doctoral fellow and teaching assistant-Biotechnology program

Location:  The American University in Cairo
Here we go, one of the hardest testimonials to write in my
whole life because it's just about One of the most Genius
Marketers you can ever deal with throughout your life..

It's Mohammed Magdy that I really feel so Lucky to be a
member of the co-working team of howtobeamarketer.com
because Working with Mohammed Magdy whether as a Leader,
Trainer or personally on the humanitarian platform is just
like diving in an ocean of knowledge and creativity that
always bursts with enthusiasm and Inspiration...

Anytime, whether you are looking for learning Marketing
Knowledge, getting inspiration or looking forward for a
Genius Mentor to coach you. Then Congratulations! You are
just in The Right Place. Howtobeamarketer.com is just the
Only, the Most glorious and inspiring environment you can
ever search for to get all the Marketing Extract, all
gathered in One Place.

Keep up the Spectacular work, Magdy and looking forward to
always seeing you climbing the ladder of success.
Posted By: Safaa Abdel Aziz Ibrahim

Occupation:  Web developer

Location:  Arab Republic of Egypt

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/safaa.aziz

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/safaa-khalil/26/9b6/b68
Really it's a great website for all who seek for a
support in the marketing world, I found all what I want to
know about my marketing studies, and I suggest it to all my
friend in marketing field or even in all other business
Posted By: Ahmed Fathy Shady

Occupation:  Medical representative

Location:  Sandoz Egypt
Well, On the humanitarian level and the professional level;
I see that Mohamed Magdy is always passionate about what
he's doing and this website is the biggest proof on
that....So, I do recommend to all marketers to revise the
website before starting any marketing campaign as I used it
while doing the business plan and the feasibility study of
my business.

N.B.:Mohamed Helped me a lot with his creative ideas in my
business by himself and it was acknowledged by the marketing
consultants @ the P.I.C.
Posted By: Amr Fawzy

Occupation:  Project owner at the Projects Incubation Center(P.I.C)

Location:  Sheraton-Heliopolis

Website:  www.pic-aast.org

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=656136274
The website is a nice piece of work. It is like a gate that
takes you to the world of marketing. With this full feldged
structure, you get acquainted with any topic related to
marketing that comes to your mind, just by a click. Really
Mohamed I am so glad for you what you 've achieved so
far, and I am quite sure you will go further.
Posted By: Karim M. Soliman

Occupation:  Product Specialist at Lundbeck Pharmaceutical Company.

Location:  CAIRO, EGYPT
First of all , no word can describe the great effort done by
Mohamed Magdy,, great site for everyone want to know about
Marketing from A to Z ..contents are very simple enough for
the beginner and very very useful and helpful for a
professional one,,,

really i appreciate this great work and your excellent
presentations.,, i hope for everyone to know about this site
to learn from every word , to know how is marketing is very
important in all aspects of life.

Thank you and looking forward for more and more from you
Posted By: Amir Basha

Occupation:  Medical Representative - GSK

Location:  KSA - Dammam
I’m very grateful for your perfect accomplishment and I
want to compliment you on the excellent tool set you provide
which I believe can help anyone to create a 1st class
presentation of their individual experiences and skill-set.
It was certainly worth more than the small fee charged and
enabled me to understand the best Marketing strategies ever.
Waiting for your continuous success :)
Posted By: Mohamed Tarek

Occupation:  Quality Operations

Location:  USA
Thank you Mohammed for this site. I learned everything
needed about marketing. I have learned to use marketing not
only in business but also in my life. I used the
information, you provided, in my job as teaching assistant.

Mohammed you have a wonderful presentation skills. You
added many techniques to my presentation skills.

Keep going. I am sure you will be someone in someday

Mohamed Ateya
Posted By: Mohamed Ateya

Occupation:  Teaching Assistant

Location:  Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/mmateya
1st of all I am not surprised with what I see in this web
site!!!! as I know and believe that Mohamed Magdy is the
most innovator and inspiring person I ever know. Thank you
so much about this web site and I will take it as my
reference in my marketing career ISA and hope
www.howtobeamarketer.com web site becomes one of the world
wide website and give us more than we expected.

thanks again and always forward.
Posted By: Ahmed Salem

Occupation:  Medical Representative at SPIMACO Pharmaceutical Company.

Location:  Saudi Arabia
Hey Magdy,
Initially, you finger print is there. Your effort is
crystal clear and the response of all people is the best

The included material is of a great value and touches
potential marketing subjects.

Good luck
Posted By: Ramy El-kassar

Occupation:  Medical Representative at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

Location:  KSA
I can't find any words as a starting to describe this
lot of effort as
I lived with it since the first day of the foundation but
all i want to say that I didn't imagine nor expect that
it will reach to this glorious level but this is not
impossible for Magdy and his team and day by day i'm
expecting more and more because of their industrious work
and hope you all my best wishes.
Posted By: Hazem Abdul Aziz Ibrahim

Occupation:  Senior software developer

Location:  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=664581635&v=info
I am so proud of this great success

because we are all Marketers at our life ,not just at

it is useful for both simple and complicated searches at

I like his videos so much.

let me tell you something:
At the first time I saw Mohammed I felt that he is the
different one among all his surroundings,

he is my best trainer and leader for ever,

he could inspire and motivate us to the further extent one
can imagine,

he taught us the meaning of good communication , self
motivation ,The change , The influence ,and The development.

every one join Magdy is joining the Winning Team.

this great success is not something strange from Magdy; it
was something expected

I am waiting also one day I go to bookshop and hold a
book to find Magdy's name

I always tell him my Prof and I am sure he is one his way
for that...

I think every famous person has his own lovers and fans...
so I am one of Mohamed Magdy fans
Posted By: Dina Hassan

Occupation:  Community Pharmacist

Location:  CAIRO, EGYPT

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=725752245
This website is truly a piece of art.

Since I met Mohammed Magdy and I worked with him in many
occasions, I recognized that he's a different person,
doer person , he does not know the definition of failure,
and frankly speaking, I was knowing that Magdy is preparing
for a marketing website , since then I checked a lot of
marketing websites just to know how things going there.

But when howtobeamarketer.com is launched , I am totally
surprised!! This website is spectacularly different ,
organized , and very well designed, plus all the articles
are written in a simple way that facilitate reading and
studying, in addition to audios and videos which give the
website a different flavor.

My last words to Magdy:
You're A Good Friend , Creative Leader, Professional
Consultant And Talented Marketer.

Keep Going and Good Luck.
Posted By: Ahmed Tharwat

Occupation:  Products Specialist & Key Accounts Manager

Location:  Johnson & Johnson
Mohamed is a smart one who had learned and practiced a lot
in marketing, he is willing to give back more and more. If
you visit howtobeamarketer.com for a month or 2 you will
realize that he is going to make a very big thing within the
next short period of time..

So keep Connected with what Magdy is saying; he has
engaged with his passion.
Posted By: Ahmed Mohey El-Deen

Occupation:  Online Marketing Consultant

Location:  CAIRO, EGYPT

Website:  www.moheyeldeen.com/

LinkedIn Account:  http://eg.linkedin.com/in/AhmedMoheyEldeen
Obviously, watching the presentations of Magdy is different.
It's very interesting, attractive& presenting clear message
in a very easy language & terminology without any
philosophical styles-like many speakers- which make his
presentation appropriate for all starting marketers. These
words are not a complement but really from heart, thanks a
lot Magdy for supporting me in studying marketing. Although
we are recent friends, but really you are kind & helpful

Future marketers usually don't search too much for the
starting point to be a marketing guru.

howtobeamarketr.com is the great solution for all of you,
believe me...

I am a big fan of your website, really it's a result of
great effort for years.

I am proud to be your friend. Go ahead man, God bless u
Posted By: Sherif Hamdy

Occupation:  Assistant Product Manager at Tabuk Pharmaceutical Company.

Location:  KSA
Really I don't know how to start, I see a great work
here, I hope if I hold a book in marketing authored by

Go on.

I see a great future for you
Posted By: Tarek Zougheb

Occupation:  Alico

Location:  CAIRO, EGYPT

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001329410493
Simply this site is my gateway to marketing science in a
simple manner in 2 languages by a good presenter .

Good luck Magdy
Posted By: Nermeen Talaalt

Occupation:  Student

Location:  GIZA, EGYPT

About:  5th year student in faculty of pharmacy

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/meshmesha talaat
these are the words that Mohammed makes me believes in...

Simply we can by faith, persistence, hard work &
consistency & believing that Allah 'll give us what
we work hard for.

About the "howtobeamarketer.com" it is too good
to be true marketer; really its very rich in knowledge for
professionals and helpful for beginners who want to learn
& know what is marketing .

Spectacular amazing work what you have done

Keep on You 'll be someday more than you have wished

Wishing you the best of luck me dear friend
Posted By: Rana Elhamzawi

Occupation:  Medical Representative in Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals.

Location:  EGYPT
Dear Magdy,
I'm not surprised with this work as you always
impress us with the brand new ideas...

I'm expecting that you will be one of the best
marketeers in the world...

Really I enjoyed this website and your videos are more
than perfect
Posted By: Hossam Embabi

Occupation:  Western Region Territory Manager of Genetics Line at Shire HGT.

Location:  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

LinkedIn Account:  http://sa.linkedin.com/pub/hossam-embabi/30/969/3a8
Thing always happens that you really believe in; and the
belief in a thing makes it happen.”Frank Loyd Wright”

That’s what happened when Magdy launched the website.

I know Magdy from eight years ago, In our collage we
consider Magdy our (attractive Ring) which attract us to our
brilliant future

One of the reasons to catch a new higher job in my career;
I spoke about the NLP course and start to highlight the
course benefits in my career as a salesperson ( Magdy gives
us The NLP course while we are still in our collage as a

Our Attractive Ring …. Helps me create new ideas through
(Think , Believe , Dream , Dare )

Failures do what is tension relieving, while winners do
what is goal achieving “Brian Tracy”

What I learned from Magdy:
Believe in yourself, set your goals to the future,

It’s my Pleasure to be a friend of You Magdy
My advice to everyone read this Testimonial to
Go to the people. Learn from them. Live with them. Start
with what they know. Build with what they have. Now You are

I wish not stop writing ..... best wishes my brother
Posted By: Mohamed Shaaban

Occupation:  Medical Representative at Janssen pharmaceutical companies of
Johnson & Johnson.

Location:  KSA

About:  Live and Love Life

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/album.php?profile=1&id=875795009#!/profile.php?id=875795009
Thank you Mohamed Magdy for This website that helping me in
my marketing plan. Thank you for helping me and helping
everyone you know and don't know.
Posted By: Mohamed Gaber
Actually this website is inspiring me, I see a dream here
which came true, I see here a lot of efforts, time,
resources, challenge and determination .

I’m proud to have a friend such like Magdy, motivating,
inspiring, adviser, full of enthusiasm and never lose his
spirit; simply because this is his attitude .

Magdy chose to be a Leader through his dream and chose to
share this dream with us, he wants to help people, inspire
them, and make them become Dreamers (Leaders).

So if you are ready to dream, I think you are in the right
place, and I’m asking you to join me to challenge Magdy
more and more to exploit his creativity and his passion .
Posted By: Mostafa Afify

Occupation:  Medical representative at Pfizer Nutrition.

Location:  KSA

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=107654049300957&comments#!/profile.php?id=1792871930

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=93894573&locale=en_US&trk=tab_pro
I listened to one of the interviews in "Marketing
Gurus' Secrets" program, and It was a well
structured interview, I can tell you that you succeeded not
only to attract the essences of marketing principles but
also to inspire each and every one of us to think, create
and innovate, to be ambitious and to put the sky the limits
or even with no limits. I actually found my self reading
loudly some of the words.

Great job, and thanks for this experience
Posted By: Ehab Saad

Occupation:  PSR; Professional Sales Representative at NOVARTIS AG.

Location:  Dubai, United Arab Emirates
"All propaganda has to be popular and has to
accommodate itself "
But here it's not propaganda ..... it's a real
marketing world !

Simplicity is the way to brilliance ...& u get them both
....Good job Egyptian Phillip Kotler :)

Thanks M. Magdy , really nothing to say but here is
"What You Need When U Need"
Posted By: Muhamed Abd El Raheem

Occupation:  Pharmacist

Location:  EGYPT
Mohammed is doing very well in the marketing career. I asked
him for a recommendation about marketing courses and his
prompt reply was astonishing.

His website is very thorough and comprehensive, and
actually, a standalone useful source for beginners in

Keep up the good work, Mohamed.
Posted By: Remon Helmy

Occupation:  Medical Account Advisor - Eli Lilly & Co.
After Navigating Through Howtobemarketer.com ,This Is My
Testimonial without any exaggeration or complements.

This Website is an unprecedented initiative , With
Exceptional Passion.

This can help in the career birth of a lot of people who
are interested to start their career in marketing , yet
without a help of a mentor and with their daily stresses
they lose their dream.

This Website has a unique collection of videos , audios
and articles to help those people to acquire knowledge
wherever they are and according to how they prefer.

That's not all , in this environment you will find
that surprising is a regular thing !!!!

Every now and then we found ourselves in front of
exceptional interviews , articles from famous successful
people. One Feels So Proud to be professionally in this

May Allah Help You More In Helping people , and make you
reap fruitful benefits from his own.
Posted By: Mohamed ElSaid

Occupation:  Vaccine Specialist -GlaxoSmithKline KSA
"Dreams can come true" that is what came into my mind when I
first saw Mohamed`s project.

This inspiring, motivating, comprehensive, and wonderful
web site is very useful for all marketers no matter in which
level they are, you can learn marketing from the scratch and
you can use it as a quick guide on your daily practice.

Just to remind you Mohamed with my favorite quote " You
see things and say why?, but I dream about things and say
why not?".

Keep up the good work you started earlier and for all
marketers enjoy the inspiring environment Mohamed created.
Posted By: HIsham Taha Shaaban

Occupation:  First line Sales Manager (FLSM) at AstraZeneca.

Location:  Saudi Arabia

Facebook Account:  https://www.facebook.com/Zweel

LinkedIn Account:  http://sa.linkedin.com/pub/hisham-shaaban/13/881/949
Hmm ,
I don't know how to start my testimonial about this
website , but i can describe it by one word .. " Cyclopedia
of Marketing"
Really , am proud to have friend like Mohamed Magdy; the
founder of howtobeamarketer.com
he is my closed friend ..

really I advise all people who are interested or not
interested in marketing field; to check this website ,
its content " Interviews with famous persons in marketing
field, articles , videos , audios and all its content " will
help them in life and career ...

finally , thanks my friend for this effort and may God
Please you .
hope you all success in your life and your business
Posted By: Hesham Raouf

Occupation:  Student in Faculty of Pharmacy , Cairo University

Location:  Cairo , Egypt

Website:  www.facebook.com/pages/Offers-For-Pharmacists/221794784617

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/H.Raouf

LinkedIn Account:  http://hesho-fopcu.spaces.live.com/
FIRST of all I am proud to be one of the first visitors to
this wonderful inspiring website... I am spending many
times navigating in every part in this great place.. also I
feel myself full of pride when I recommend "how to be a
marketer" to any one even he was professional or not
because I know that I will immediately receive an
appreciation ...

so this great success results from many factors; will of
Allah then the one who is behind this wonderful idea,
completion and very useful content: Mohammed Magdy you are
very faithful to your work, to your dream be sure that this
great effort is here bright like sun...

Without any exaggeration first time I visited this place I
thought that behind this job an army of marketers working 24
hours to make this accomplishment... I was amazed to know
that only one person who is behind this success.

It is too late to say comment but also it is to hard to
say comment ..whatever words cannot describe what I am
seeing here...

Thank you Mohammed ..thanks for anyone shares by his
effort, idea, design in this great website

Occupation:  Medical Representative at GlaxoSmithKline.

Location:  Saudi Arabia
How to be a marketer website,

At The beginning of launching of this website; I was so
proud, glad and happy to see the website of my friend, my
teacher and the first person that made me understand;

DR/ Mohamed Magdy Ahmed.

But now

We are Proud of having a trustful, renewed, complete
source of marketing in different ways; videos,
presentations, interviews, and discussions with a very
passionate and professional friend anytime.

If you are beginner; this website takes you in an
enjoyable journey step by step in the great world of the
marketing that you won't leave until become a
professional one,

If you are a professional, it will fill the blocks, make
links between your information and become your reminder
anywhere, anytime.

My Wish
An announcement from one of the biggest news agency.

In 20……………..

(How to be a marketer?)
"The Number ONE marketing website worldwide"

I am just waiting for the date...

Good luck
Posted By: Reham Sadek

Occupation:  Production Pharmacist at El Nile co for Pharmaceuticals
and Chemical Industries

Location:  CAIRO, EGYPT
( Magdy, You deserve more and more)

I am saying these words when everyone tell me about your
website. I am very happy more and more because I was one of
few people you asked for opinion about the website and
design before you launch long time ago. It was a
responsibility for me and I was happy that you trusted me.

I would like to thank you for this (GREAT) website which
enables us to understand marketing and more than
understanding, it is talking about APPLICATION and it is the
translation of the understanding MARKETING.

Great work from Great person has more and more to show and
to express.

You know that I consider you as my teacher and you will be
my teacher forever

With my best wishes,

your friend and student,
Mohamed Salah
Posted By: Mohamed Salah Eldin Moustafa

Occupation:  Hospital Pharmacist at As-Salam International Hospital

Location:  EGYPT

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/?ref=hp#!/profile.php?id=783338968
Magdy is one of the best that I ever now.. one of my best
trainers... he was the first one to teach me what's
marketing... and I hope I could learn about it a lot more
from him... he's a very kind person..very helpful with
a wonderful Knowledge...wish him the best and hopping to
know him more
Posted By: Mostafa Antr

Occupation:  Medical Representative at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

Location:  CAIRO, EGYPT
Mohamed, you are such an ambitious persistent passionate
hyperactive hard worker. You are really unique and you
believe in your dreams to an extent that leaves no way to
anybody but to believe in you :)

Mohamed is always there for his friends, providing
coaching & consultancy for personal or business needs.
Very tolerant & mature. Very talented, creative &

Which Mohamed shall I talk about; the marketer, the public
speaker & trainer or the influential leader???

>>>He is a success, whatever he does<<<
Posted By: Raghda Shaarawy Abdel-Halim Ibrahim

Occupation:  Medical Representative at Novartis Pharmaceutical Company.

Location:  Egypt.
I think you are a great guy.... you are ambitious and you
have this light in your eyes.... ISA you will achieve what
you want..... it was a pleasure knowing you and I hope we
can contact more
Posted By: Mohamed Rafik

Occupation:  Medical Representative at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

Location:  Saudi Arabia

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=416258935674&set=a.415302675674.192490.506050674#!/Mish0o0o0w.Rafe2tsch
Nothing can describe the effort done in this site.
Thanks Mohamed for this website as it is like a gate that
takes me to the whole world of the marketing.
I respect your effort so much. Keep it up Mohamed.
Posted By: Mostafa Ahmed Reda

Occupation:  Marketing Specialist at GO Program.

Location:  Cairo,Egypt

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1477150742
You are a Marketing Genius, Your website is So Spectacular
and different, it is an Educational Gate for all Marketers
which is Simple, Professional and Easy to Navigate.

I am fortunate To Know Someone, So Creative, Inspiring,
Passionate, and Love Helping People Like You Mohammed. Wish
You the best In Every Thing in Your Life, You deserve It.

Good Luck ...
Posted By: Mona Mansi

Occupation:  Pharmacist

Location:  Cairo, Egypt

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/Mona.Mansi
Before any Thing, Thanks in advance for your work and

I have no words to say, just its marvels,amazing,awesome
and everything.Your website is so different.

We wait more and more .. best luck for you and keep on,
and do your best to be the best.

Thanks again and again ,,, You deserve :)
Posted By: Khaled Bahgat Mohamed

Occupation:  Medical Representative - Novartis Egypt

Location:  Egypt

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=706585069
Mohammed Magdy is very inspiring young Egyptian marketer, he
keeps surprising me with the amount of Knowledge, enthusiasm
& passion he has; which is shown in every single word that
is written in this great site.

Mohammed, what an amazing work you do by offering all your
knowledge for free & help millions developing themselves &
shaping their careers.

God bless you & I'm sure that you will be something big in
the marketing industry in the future :)
Posted By: Hana Hakim

Occupation:  PR Executive at InterContinental Dubai Festival City.

Location:  Dubai, UAE
Dr. Mohamed Magdy

Good day for you.I know you are the best marketeer I
have ever met and I have learned more from your website and
I got more experience from it. So, I supplicated to you to
and make it fi mizan hssanatek and hope to you more success
in your life & hope to have a bite of your enthusiasm

Thanks & Best regards
Mahmoud Gado
Posted By: Mahmoud Ali Gado
I did get to know this website by accident when I was
googling for marketing websites, and it did grab my
attention because of the organization of the info and the
webiste theme and I did spend alot of time surfing within it
and I was shocked, the website owner is an Egyptian
pharmacist and was graduated from the same college of mine,
this is interesting and immediately I added him on Facebook
to get to know him.

About the website it's totally recommendeded for students
and professionals who are about to start a career in
business or already are in the field.

FINAL WORDS : In my opinion this website did more than
providing valuable info about marketing, it did gathered
many people from different backgrounds and beliefs and let
them express and share the only thing in common between them
which is MARKETING.
Thanks Mohammed for this great effort and good luck man.
Posted By: Ehab Fathy Mohamed

Occupation:  Project Specialist

Location:  Cairo, Egypt

Website:  www.ultimate-egy.com
Dear Dr. Mohamed,

Although life loads took me away from the Marketing field
and i shifted my career to the telecommunication industry
but i really love the work you have done in this Web site. i
really feel that every article, video and book is made after
spending a huge efforts and sacrificing a lot of things to
get that done.

when you talked about that website before launching it,
honestly i couldn`t picture that it would be that organized
and professional.

Finally I`m speechless my friend really i`m proud of being
your friend.... Keep going on Bro .
Posted By: Khaled Saleh

Occupation:  WFM Supervisor at Teleperformance Egypt

Location:  Cairo - EGYPT

About:  If you can dream you can do it ...

Website:  www.teleperformance.com.eg

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=731590075

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/profile/edit?trk=hb_tab_pro_top
I got to know moh'd from Egypt marketeers, and it was
as pleasure...... we have a lot in common most importantly
our love for life and marketing , to me both are the same,
as i know it's the same to him as he's a

the intensity and passion in his work are the
cornerstones for a great marketeer, with dozens of angles to
a specific subject....... it's a privilege to know
such a person.

moh'd......keep intense and keep lovin; ur work and
life....... keep it up!!
Posted By: Amr Ekram

Occupation:  Business Development; Marketing Executive

Location:  Cairo-Egypt

Website:  www.mcit.gov.eg

Facebook Account:  https://www.facebook.com/amr.ekram1

LinkedIn Account:  http://eg.linkedin.com/pub/amr-ekram/22/888/309
Dear Mohammed,

I would like to thank you for your great effort in
building very fantastic website howtobemarketer.com.
Mohammed has one of the finest marketing minds ...

For me, howtobemarketer.com was my first choice for
reading. Thanks a lot, waiting for more and more.

Good luck
Posted By: Mohammed Ibrahim El Sherbiny

Occupation:  Senior Medical Representative at Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Location:  Riyadh-Qassium, Saudi Arabia
This website leads us to be vigilant as young people, we
can do a lot ... although we are in Egypt suffer from that
experience and knowledge will not be considered until we
become old in age, but the website proved that diligence,
research and knowledge can pass the time, and create hope
for all of us that the best is yet to come and tomorrow will
be that best ..... i want to thank Mohamed because he
helped me and inspired me at the same time.

um very interested in sales, most of reading concerned in
sales field , but i can`t isolate myself and live in a far
island because sales to marketing as two faces in the same
coin , marketing complement sales and vise verse, so i have
to find the book which provide me with info i need to cope
with changes in market and be ready for it . The obstacles
was time, money for buying updated versions in marketing,
i was besieged by a lot of books i have a desire to read ,
but i didn`t have the enough ability… Your website solved
my problem because it provides me with the info i need
without my past suffering, so I want to express my gratitude
because your site is so effective and efficient at the same

Posted By: Ahmed Metwali Shaarawy

Occupation:  Medical Representative at janssen pharmaceutical companies of
Johnson & Johnson.

Location:  EGYPT

Website:  www.janssenpharmaceuticalsinc.com/

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/ahmedsharawy88
When I started my career as a lecturer in OTC &
Pharmacology , my path wasn't enlightened enough .. it
was hazy in front of my eyes .. till Mr. Muhammed sent me a
message on Facebook for the first time .. this message was
the "simple twist of fate" for me .. it
enlightened my way with precious pieces of advice .. then I
browsed the site .. & made it in my favorites .. Really
I'd thank You All for all what you did for me , it was
an honor to be one of the people that you have helped to
reach their goals :)
Posted By: Ahmed U. El-Gewaily

Occupation:  Pharmacist - Lecturer

Location:  Damanhour, EGYPT

About:  I love teaching & Mr. Muhammed helped me a lot :)

Website:  www.augpharma.blogspot.com

Facebook Account:  https://www.facebook.com/ahmed.elgewaily
The first impression upon watching the videos and the
presentation manner, i said
" what is that great professionalism".

Really you are the most reachable instructor with just few
words in short time.

When I knew that you was working in the entity of the
EPSF, all things became clarified to me that you already was
a successful man along all your age periods.
I appreciate your great effort , GOD bless you.

and all my best wishes ISA to be the best marketer in that
whole world :)
Posted By: Mohamed Mohamed Yasein

Occupation:  Pharmacy Student 5th Year

Location:  Egypt

About:  IPSF World Congress Fundraising Working Group 2011 - 2012, EPSF Training Coordinator 2011 - 2012, Vice President 2011 - 2012 of Bani-sweif Scientific Pharmaceutical Students' Association ( B.S.P.S.A. ), Fifth year Student Faculty of Pharmacy, Bani-sweif University.

Facebook Account:  https://www.facebook.com/Mohammed.Yasein
Really i am proud of you my dear friend, you have the
ability, qualifications & willing to be one of the best
marketers worldwide.

One day we will say "this great man is our friend".
Posted By: Samy Abdelbary Okasha

Occupation:  Profissional Sales Representative at Merck Sharp & Dohme

Location:  Al-khobar, Saudi Arabia

About:  Alwyas aim for the highest
Thank you Mohamed So much for your very helpful beneficial

1st of all, I was one of the people who used to enter to
the site from it's first days when it was newly born
... Basically at that time (i am proud to say that ) i
didn't know what marketing means, I used to read every
day in this site for about 6 months, I got a lot of
information about marketing, Analysis, Objectives,
Strategies, Tactics that helped me a lot in my carrier and

Now, I joined the Marketing Team of one of the top
American multinational pharmaceutical Company (By the way it
is very difficult to join this team)....

Finally I advice every future marketer to use this
website. Thanks again Magdy.
Posted By: Ahmed Sayed Radwan

Occupation:  Brand Manager at Eli Lilly

Location:  Saudi Arabia

Facebook Account:  https://www.facebook.com/ahmed.s.abdelhady

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ahmed-abdelhady/35/aa6/b92
I followed Mohammed Magdy for a long time, It's rare
and exceptional to find someone who's really as serious
and diligent as he is, I can say that he's really the
one who's created for marketing, and Marketing is
created for him .

The most important and remarkable thing about him, is his
kindness , and his love to help New and Professional
Marketers to get to a higher level.

Mohammed Magdy, shows the intersection between Marketing
and Social Relations more anybody else.

I can say he's the Best in His area ... because , Not
only can he Lead you to the right marketing , But He can
Lead you to the right marketing THE RIGHT WAY.

Congratulations to everybody who knows Mohammed Magdy ...
Posted By: Mohamed TAQI

Occupation:  Programmer and Webdesigner

Location:  Berrechid, Morocco

About:  Mohamed TAQI, a Moroccan Programmer and webdesigner

Facebook Account:  http://www.facebook.com/gloque.jyps

LinkedIn Account:  http://ma.linkedin.com/pub/mohamed-taqi/32/198/5b6
Mohamed is a very ambitious colleague , his dreams beyond
the present , he's an organized and patient in business
and deserves the chances he could take
Posted By: Shaimaa Dowidar

Occupation:  CRA at Abbott Laboratories

Location:  Cairo, Egypt

Facebook Account:  https://www.facebook.com/shaimaa.magdy

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/shaimaa-dowidar/14/347/b31
Mohammad is a really Unique person on both personal and
practical level . He is typically an extremely active ,
vision oriented and well defined person that perfectly
manages his life through both sensual and practical business
attitudes. Mohammad is a self motivated , innovative and
creative marketer who truly invest his mental and physical
capabilities to built his marketing career.Simply , he is
talented in applying every experience in a way ''
tailored'' to his amazing business mind!
Posted By: Sara (El Fakharany) Abdel Ghany

Occupation:  Experienced Sales and marketing pharmacist

Facebook Account:  https://www.facebook.com/sara.fakharany

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/sara-abdel-ghany/41/22b/272
Mohamed Magdy is an exceptional young man. He is the master
when it comes to marketing. He has a very deep knowledge
about marketing and he really knows what he is talking
about. I recommend Mohammed as a successful Product Manager
for Top Multinational Companies
Posted By: Mohamed Ali

Occupation:  Technical Sales Engineer

Location:  Cairo, Egypt

Facebook Account:  https://www.facebook.com/mohamed.ali.52056

LinkedIn Account:  Technical Sales Engineer
I'd love to take this opportunity to recommend Mr.
Marketer "Mohamed Magdy" to any marketing position
that you may hold. From my experience with Mohamed Magdy, I
found that Magdy has a great passion towards the marketing
career, and I have no doubt that his interpersonal skills,
creativity, and customer driven understanding can take him
to the highest level of exceptional marketers in the world.
When I describe Magdy I can't ignore his excellent
presentation skills and ability of delivering information/
skills/ values. This Guy has born to be a Super-Marketing
Posted By: Amin Sorour

Occupation:  Deputy Training Manager at MSA University

Location:  Cairo, Egypt

Facebook Account:  https://www.facebook.com/AMEN.M.SOROUR

LinkedIn Account:  http://eg.linkedin.com/pub/amin-sorour/12/4b2/180
Mohamed Magdy one of the excellent sales person with highly
talent of marketing vision and he work with his colleague as
team work he is smart worker and willing to learn and
Posted By: Waleed El Awady

Occupation:  National Sales Manager at Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

Location:  Cairo, Egypt

LinkedIn Account:  http://eg.linkedin.com/pub/waleed-el-awady/14/6a5/1b1
Mohammed is an example of the successful ambitious and
enthusiastic young man. He's one of the most
fascinating people I worked with, his knowledge and passion
in marketing give him the opportunity to take up powerful
positions in the marketing field.
Posted By: Do'aa Salah Edin

Occupation:  Operations Assistant, Ultimate - Design Solutions

Facebook Account:  https://www.facebook.com/doaa.saladdin

LinkedIn Account:  http://eg.linkedin.com/pub/do-aa-salah-edin/14/476/320
I would highly endorse Mohammed Magdy for a Product Manager
position. In his relatively young career, he has clearly
shown that he understands demographics, the competitions
product offerings and how to manage the “take it to
market” concept. He has earned the respect of many
executives far more senior in job title, experience and
chronological age. Mohammed is not only one of those rare
up and coming professionals who is eager to learn new
things; but also possess those not often found intangible
qualities in terms of intelligence, patience, and
Posted By: Mark J. Haluska

Occupation:  THE only Certified Senior Guerrilla Job Search Coach for North

Location:  Pittsburgh, PA USA

Website:  www.psychoape.com/

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/markjhaluska
Mohammed Magdy’s experience, expertise, empathy and
enthusiasm (4Es) certainly prepare him to be a great Product
Manager, for any organization he wants to support.
Posted By: Nancy Lee

Occupation:  Adjunct Professor at University of South Florida

Location:  USA

Website:  www.socialmarketingservice.com/

LinkedIn Account:  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/nancy-lee/6/680/93b

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