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What makes this book different?

 Since December 2008, I started to write the articles of this book that made my passion towards marketing like crystal clear. I spent ONE YEAR and a HALF to complete the articles of this book until I launched those articles in my website at September 2010.

What is In It For You? (What Makes This Book Different?)

1.    I am simply sharing with you the articles that inspired 70,000 Readers in ONE YEAR. 21,000 absolute unique visitors from United States, Egypt, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, Canada, and Thailand. 70,000 pages have been reviewed by visitors, with an average spending time 5 min on the website. Simply you will have a full copy with hyper-links of my website in your hand through this e-book. You will browse the topics in few seconds without any internet connection.

2.    I am sharing with you the articles that inspired Marketing Professors, Managing Directors, Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers, Product Managers, entrepreneurs, Soft Skills Trainers, Sales Supervisors, Sales Representatives, Pharmacists, Teacher Assistants, and Students to write testimonials when they enjoyed those articles on my website. Here is the link for their testimonials:

3.    In this book I didn’t create new marketing concepts; but instead you will find in-depth explanation and illustration with very simple approach; in order to get you the basic level of understanding about marketing planning.

4.    In most of articles, you will find the following components in each one:

•    What would you learn from this article? (What is in it for you?); this part represent a 10% of the article.

•     The Theoretical part of each article; this part represents only 20% of the article. Most of the theories I shared in this book already existed and worked tremendously with the top 500 fortune corporations in US. In some articles, I wrote my own personal idea and concept about some topics, but I always tell
my readers that part is mine (because you might be looking for only popular concepts of marketing planning, so
I am telling you this in order to be honest with you).

•    My explanations (from my point of view) to simplify the concepts, and add strategies and tactics to help you implement those concepts and develop your skills; this part represents 50-60% of the article.

•    Examples and Stories for some marketing concepts illustrated in this book.

•    Diagrams and Illustrations: I created 99% of the diagrams and illustrations in this book. I made them in order to simplify the book for you and to help you visualize the process and retain them in your unconscious mind.

•    My evaluation of the theory (to give you advices, recommendations and tips what you need to do next); this part represents 10-20% of the article.

5.    In each article; I directly target the theory, its application, illustration & diagrams, recommendation and my personal evaluation. I intended not to write any introductions in each article because I value your time and I know that you want to learn in a way that makes marketing planning interesting and fruitful for you.

6.    The articles in this book were already published on my website;, so when I created those articles I wrote them in a way that saves your time and respects your need for each marketing topic. So when you read them in this book; you won’t get lost and you won’t get bored because I am directly targeting the strategies and tactics in each article without writing any fat content.

7.    The system of hyper-linking in this book would make the browsing experience very enjoyable for you. That’s why I recommend reading the soft copy of this book not the hard copy; because you will browse the topics in few seconds and you will never get lost between pages.

What are the components of this book?

The book simply gives you practical steps to learn how to write a marketing plan in seven steps:
1.    Executive Summary.
2.    Marketing Audit.
3.    Marketing Objectives.
4.    Marketing Strategies.
5.    Marketing Mix.
6.    Budgeting.
7.    Monitoring and Control.

How to use this book? (click here)

Here are the steps:
1. If this is your first time to read about Marketing Planning, then kindly check the
articles I wrote about Marketing Planning Introduction. Those articles would
widen your scope before we go through this exciting journey of marketing in this
book. Kindly check the following link:

And enjoy watching the videos I conducted about Marketing Planning Introduction:

2. After reading Marketing Planning Introduction, go directly to “How to become a
Marketing Planning Guru?
” part in this book.

3. At the right bottom corner of each page, you will find BACK LINK to the
Marketing Topic you were reading. Once you complete reading an article, click
on the BACK LINK at the right bottom of the page to get back to the marketing
topic you were at, and then click on another article to read. This is the only way
to make you really enjoying the browsing experience in this book, and this is the
only way that would make this book really fruitful for you.

Example of BACK LINK: check it at the bottom of this page, you find Back to Contents
back link, once you click on it, you get back to the contents part and you would be able
to view this book in a systematic way.

4. Take a general overview on the articles written in “Marketing Planning Process
Topic. Don’t spend so much time in this topic because each part would be
explained later on, and don’t go in-deep with the case study; just take an
overview and then get back to them later-on when you complete all marketing
planning topics.

5. Now, you start your fruitful journey of marketing by studying Executive Summary
part, then Marketing Audit, then Marketing Objectives, then Marketing
, then Marketing Mix, then Budgeting, then Monitoring and Control.
I recommend reading them in sequence as I show you in “How to become a
Marketing Planning Guru?
” part.

6. Send me an e-mail ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) that you have completed the
book and ask me for Case Studies to help you in your journey of learning in
marketing planning.



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