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This part is very important and critical for every learner. You need to know what are the sources that howtobeamarketer.com was build upon.

I believe (M. Magdy) that marketing is contributing to every aspect of our lives, and it’s affecting our life, our business, and also it controls the directions of different issues in life. I can’t tell you about my point of view about marketing strategies, marketing plans, marketing research ….etc without publishing a research papers in those marketing topics. Because I am telling you theories and tactics that would affect your work as marketer, and if I told you about a non-effective strategy, and you applied it practically, this will be translated to a disaster to yourself and your business.




 That is why my articles (most of them) are based on theories from marketing professors who had already made an impact in the business world.

There is no single article I copied from a book, website or magazine. Most of articles I wrote are having four components:

1.       What would you learn from this article? (What is in it for you?); this part represent 10% of the article.

2.       The theories have been published in article topic; this part represents only 20% of the article.

3.       My explanations (from my point of view) to simply the information, and adding tactics to help you to implement the information and to master the knowledge; this part represents 50-60% of the article.

4.       My evaluation of the theory (to give you advices, recommendations and tips what you need to do next); this part represent 10-20% of the article.

5.       Related articles to that article topic: to help you to understand the topic very well, and to master the knowledge you are looking for.

In those articles where I wrote my explanations, and point of views, you will find words like “I see, I think, my opinion, my experience, what I saw with marketers, I knew”. When you read these words, then you can understand that article is written totally from my experience and marketing background.

Who are marketing professors and marketing sources that my articles theories part had been built upon?

1.      CIM Course book 08/09 Marketing Planning (Official CIM Course book). By Karen Beamish and Ruth Ashford authors.

You can find this book HERE

2.      CIM Course book 08/09 Marketing Research and Information by Matthew Housden.

You can find this book HERE

3.      CIM Course book 08/09 Marketing Communications by Chris fill and Graham Hughes.

You can find this book HERE

4.      CIM Coursebook 08/09 Marketing Management in Practice by John Williams and Tony Curtis

You can find this book HERE